In this tab, you can find information about our activities and the vision that we spread over our partners.


MDT international is creating advanced solutions to meet and fulfill demands.

  Organizations must face new challenges and circumstances to achieve their goals. A diversified, international organization brings deep industry expertise, solution functionality and a wide range of perspectives to warm up the spark of change through technologies at the edge of science and industry, data processing management consultations, technology and design, digital enterprises, and clearly defined strategic goals. We work in an extremely open and flexible environment as a model throughout the company at all levels of the client's organization to deliver results that help our clients prosper and achieve higher results. We are investing in our clients to bring them opportunity to get better understanding of our vision. Our investment strategy is complex and long term


From the beginning of our activity, we've been cooperating with our partners to provide top-class cooperation experience, including support at every organizational level for our clients. We are trained by institutions, we cooperate with public institutions on a daily basis, we prepare top-class expertise for government and private entities in the field of digital information processing.

Advanced cultural & linguistic analytics!

Everything must be easy and secure to proceed with.

Powerfull cloud computing helps to secure our data, wherever you are - you have access.

Advanced mathematical models that we create and upgrade, are helping us to get into higher performance together with our partners!